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footUndeez™ Foot Thongs | Nude

footUndeez™ Foot Thongs | Nude

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• The Capezio footUndeez™ foot thongs allow you to protect the balls of your feet against cuts and scrapes while creating the illusion of dancing barefoot. The unparalleled floor feel, foot articulation, and traction comes from two separate suede sole patches, which form the individual pads of your foot

• 4-way stretch, breathable Nylon and Lycra Spandex powernet upper

• Suede sole

• Patented ExoArmor duet sole patches move independently

• Fore foot pads are securely sewn with stitching both on the edge and interior

• 5/8" one-sided plush elastic with Capezio logo holds footUndeez™ in place

• Colour: Nude

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